delmarcheDiablo Boots Ltd. has been on Gateway Blvd. for over 22 years  since Dusty and Darlene Doktor bought the store from Darlene’s parents Peter and Inez Porayko.  Peter started his original store called Del Marche Shoes on Jasper Ave and quickly found out that  branching into selling a few cowboy boots could really improve his bottom line.  Then in 1972, he closed his ladies shoe store, combined the 2 stores into one all cowboy boot store.  He then called the store The Westerner Rodeo Boots Ltd. the first all cowboy boot store in Canada.  Then 4 years later he moved the store to 101 st. & 101 Ave.  A few years later he moved a few doors over and called his store The Urban Cowboy, selling to people like CFL players, celebs like Tommy Hunter and Porter Wagoner.  Business downtown was getting tougher because of all the consrtuction going on , so Peter moved his business to the southside on Calgary Trail and was there until he and Inez retired in  1992.

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  1. Hello
    Iam looking for my first pair of Cowboy boots something unique and flashy . Studded or shinny super girly. I also have thick calfs weigh 250lbs feet a little bit wide but not much . I prefer a pointed toe , chunky heel . I did have a look on your website . Love the history behind your store and that your Canadian. I would like to stay under $300 if possible , on a fixed income . My birthday is coming up in June I’ll be 54 years young . Excited to be looking for my first pair boots and was curious if you have a boot that falls in this range .
    Appreciate your time

    Sincerely ,
    Correan Pariseau

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